Our clients are experts who have honed their speaking skills to make a bigger impact and income sharing their expertise with the world.

We measure results by the number of lives touched by our speakers, the number of audiences our speakers reach, and the revenue our speakers generate from serving their clients all around the world.

“I landed two huge consulting contracts, a keynote speech, and I doubled my fee!”

—Parmees Yazdanyar

Founder, Parmees Peak Performance

“I'm getting on stages that I wouldn't be able to get on before…I landed a speaking engagement in front of 300 of my ideal clients, which will generate a lot of business!”

—Darryl Bandoro

Founder, Wealth Capital Connections

“I doubled my fee, I am landing speaking engagements in front of my ideal clients, and clients are hiring me at my full rate!” 

—Belen Loreto Grand

Author of FAMILY MATTERS: Making the Right Financial Decision for your Filipino Family

“Since working with Expert Speaker, I have spoken on three stages in front of my ideal clients and I have booked 4 amazing clients at $25,000 and up!  That’s over $100,000 generated from speaking.”

—Andrea Albright

Founder, Beverly Hills Publishing

Expert Speaker Testimonials

“Before this program, I didn’t even have a signature speech; I had all these things in my head that I wanted to say, but did not know how to make it more focused. Ever since working with Majeed, I was able to create that signature speech, not only that- I started booking gigs. I was able to book 3 speaking gigs and I’ve only been doing this a month. A month.”

“In the first two months of being with the Make-Money-Speaking program, I scored 14 gigs, all of them paid. What I love about making money with the Make Money Speaking program is that it’s not full of all this jargons in all these weeks. It gets down to business, simple steps, you do the steps, you get the gigs. Then afterwards, you get the gigs, you get the speech. What more can you ask for?”

"I was able to snag a client that I wouldnt have been able to because I got techniques from Majeed's course. That client before would have just disappeared. Also, since working with him, I have upped my rates and got much better sense of how to value my own services.”

Komal Minhas

"The business strategy behind this, the systematization and the marketing plan and everything that is coming out of this from a business perspective not just what i do as a craft but how do i continue to monetize this so that it's sustainable month to month year to year.. that is priceless."


Darryl Bandoro

"I think anybody who really wants to taker the business to the next level who wants to learn how to speak on stage but also to craft a story. Majeed will do a phenomenal job at getting you ready for that and propelling your business."


"Working with Majeed is just a magical experience. I mean literally magical. Everything that comes out of his mouth is the perfect good thing. He has such good insight. He is purposeful. He's very adept of propelling us into places of discomfort in a very comfortable way."


"Majeed has been absolutely so helpful... Not to mention, he fed us like kinds a queens. We have had some wonderful experiences through our meals. I really thank Majeed and make money speaking. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Majeed and learn what he does best and open up your financial life."

Katherine Steele

"Majeed has built a whole system to get you from no speech to a great speech , great speech to stages, stages to exposure and the energy he brings to it is amazing., one of the things I can not say enough about is his ability to take a complex topic, focus it and narrow it down to the smallest amount of words and say exactly what you mean."

Ute Benecke

"I remember this moment when I realized oh my gosh, Majeed really sees me and my potential and who I am. This is just like oh my god. It's almost like having sex!"


The Funeral Whisperer

"If you want a world class teacher you sometimes you pay a world class price but Majeed has been absolutely worth every single penny for me, it has completely redirected the course of my life."