Stephanie McAuliffe


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Living Life Forward

Living Life Forward is a keynote about letting go of the invisible strings to the past, not just intellectually but more importantly energetically. Living with an alcoholic silences us. As a result, the negative energy is often internalized, making us sick as we continue to carry the burdens.


53% of us have been affected by a loved one’s alcohol dependency. Yet, it’s the elephant in the room. In this talk, Stephanie shares how being brought to her knees at the height of her career on Wall Street was one of her greatest gifts. It was then that she was able to uncover the generational threads that drove many of her decisions and how letting go of the invisible hooks has allowed her to fully live life forward.


Stephanie B. McAuliffe is the author of The Message in the Bottle: Finding Hope and Peace Amidst the Chaos of Living with an Alcoholic. Formally in a 27-year career on Wall Street, her mission now is to create a paradigm shift to help women break the cycle, to free themselves of the silence, shame and stigma of living with an alcoholic. Stephanie is a speaker, workshop leader and coach.


As the 4th generation of women in her family affected by living around the disease, she knows firsthand how deeply it affects families. She now shares her knowledge and wisdom, inspiring women to break free of the shadow and negative energy carried from growing up and / or living around alcoholism.


She is a living example that we can heal and clear the energy passed from prior generations, break the cycle, and uncover the greatness of who we are meant to be.


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