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The Entrepreneurs' Profitable Path from 6- to 7-Figure Revenues without Pain, Panic, or Pessimism

Are you at war with your business financials? 

Do you feel like you are working for THEM instead of the other way around? 

Would you rather stick a pen in your eye than have one ... more ... conversation ... with ... your ... bookkeeper ... or accountant? 

Discover the path to growing your business beyond 7 figures, making your financials work for YOU - without being at war. 

Discover and cherish the ProfitPlan(TM) that's already inside you, and already in your own language.


Pam eliminates sleepless nights for entrepreneurs by replacing the current "Money Movie" running in their heads by introducing them to the financial genius that is already inside them, dying to come out and play.  Because, yes - Pam makes finance FUN while shedding the light on how to make your financials speak business owners in their own language, at their own pace, and using their own momentum.

She is the author of "Your First CFO: The Accounting Cure for Small Business Owners", (in bookstores now); and is the entertaining and informative host of the "Cash Flow" Podcast on iTunes.

As an entrepreneur herself, Pam's mission is to bring a financial breath of relief to as many entrepreneurs as possible, by removing the painful parts and giving them the comfort of knowing exactly (and ONLY) what they need to know about their numbers.  She is described as everything from a "CFO Quarterback", to a "Financial Fairy Godmother", to a "Friend in the Foxhole", 

With an engaging smile, a ready ear, and a relaxing sense of humor, her compassion and confidence deliver much-needed adrenaline, encouragement, and ease directly into the hearts and heads of everyone she meets and works with.

To cover the boring facts, Pam has all the "financy" letters: CPA-MBA-BS; and 25 years of finance experience from Fortune 500 companies to pre-funding start-ups

But that's not the critical part; this is: Pam extracts the PAIN from your finances and leaves you with the FUN. It can be done! 

She can be reached at, and is active on Facebook, LInkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


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