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How G.R.E.A.T. CPA Firms Generate more Clockwork

Every company wants to increase sales but typically what they don’t have in place is a GREAT process. GREAT stands for Gaining Access, Recognizing Needs, Execute Presentation, Align, The Close. Jeff’s presentation focuses on the processes that your company needs in order to grow and continually bring new clients.


Jeff Brandeis has worked and sold within CPA firms for over 25 years.  Jeff’s knowledge of the CPA/Accounting industry along with his uniquely created “G.R.E.A.T. Sales Process” helps CPA’s grow their practice systemically, consistently and predictably like clockwork month after month.

Jeff has worked for Wolters Kluwer – CCH Incorporated and KPMG Peat Marwick.  While with CCH, he created Brandeis University School of Sales which all sales representatives needed to attend and graduate.

As the Vice President of Sales for Wolters Kluwer – CCH Incorporated, Jeff developed the sales process (G.R.E.A.T) Gain Access, Recognize need, Execute presentation, Align, The close, that included a professional and scripted presentation that became recognized nationally. Jeff has a passion for helping others become all they can. Jeff teaches CPAs the best sales skills while motivating them to believe in themselves, their product, and their company which equates to “Increased Sales”.

Jeff loves and is always looking for new challenges. He has had the opportunity to present webinars, speak at National Meetings as well as deliver many regional meetings.  In addition to delivering a sales oriented presentation he has spoken to employees that work with cancer patients.

As your consultant, Jeff will analyze your total sales and processes from the product/services that you provide, your sales team, your presentation, and even your customers. Together we will create a sales training tailored to your company’s needs to achieve improved sales.

Jeff is a positive, motivating trainer who believes training must be fun, interactive, and engaging. While he firmly believes the 80/20 Rule of Sales that states that 20% of all sales professionals sell 80% of all products, he has spent the past 20 years understanding what it is that the highly successful 20% do differently. He now teaches the secrets that the Top 20% use and believes everyone can become a Top 20% Performer.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Baruch College and has his Masters in Taxation from Baruch College and CW Post respectively.

Jeff currently lives in Palm Harbor Florida with his wife Jan.  He has two children, Daniel and Megan both of whom thankfully are on their own and now has his first granddaughter Makenzie. Jeff enjoys playing and watching sports.



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