Guillaume McMartin


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Raising 100 Billion Dollars for profitable projects that change the world


A native of Gatineau, QC, Guillaume McMartin is a highly motivated and promising leader in real estate investment. With his keen sense of intuition and curiosity, he identifies potential and boldly takes risks to capitalize goldmines. He is a risk taker, but a calculated one. 

He started working with First Nations communities across Manitoba and British Colombia in early 2017 to discover new and innovative ways to optimize their resources, both people and land, to profit local businesses and communities. His efforts have only shown to empower and build capacity amongst the people. Furthermore, always on the lookout for the highest return on investment, Guillaume actively seeks to acquire Airbnb properties for proximate and long-term investments. Knowing that timing and prudent decision making is the key to the trade, he identifies potential, weighs the risks and benefits short and long-term, and then only decides to make or break a deal. His passion, however, is growing in the hotel industry. In a rapidly rising market, he looks and waits for the right hotels that are on the decline and evaluates the profit margins, prior to decision making. 

As a proactive real estate investor, Guillaume is a learner, not just through books, but a student of life experiences. He takes every opportunity to expand his knowledge of the business through the mentorships of successful high-profile investors. 

- Co-Coaching and Property Animation by Bruce Firestone
- Inner Circle, Turning Point, Irresistible Influence by Marshall Sylver
- Mentor Box by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr
- Mindvalley by Jim Kwik
- Automated Income Real Estate by Cole Hatter
- Project X by Robert Shemin
- Platinum Mentorship by Stefan Aarnio
- OREIO - Ottawa's Real Estate Investor's Organization
- REIN - Real Estate Investor's Network
- Ron’s Gold Club by Ron LeGrand
- Creative Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses by Phil Pustejovsky