Darryl Bandoro


Topic & Description

The Secrets of the Ultra Rich

Helping business owners and professionals get access to investments that are typically reserved for the ultra rich. Giving them the freedom to do what they want, and give them the tools to become like the ultra rich.


I am a specialist in the design and implementation of sophisticated, tax-efficient private investment solutions specifically tailored for each client. While acknowledging that publicly traded stocks and bonds have a place in a portfolio, I assist my clients in taking a more pension-style approach by providing them with thoroughly vetted, top-quality investment opportunities in privately held businesses. These strategies are particularly appropriate for high net worth clients, including business owners, professionals, and families with significant wealth.


In addition, I provide my clients with access to a wide variety of business funding solutions to allow them to grow their businesses or professional practices. Whether the funds are required to propel growth or make strategic acquisitions, I enjoy working with business owners to find the most appropriate capital funding solution for their particular situation.


Currently, I am registered to provide Exempt Market investments to the public as a Dealing Representative with STEVLOC Management Inc. With my experience on both the investing and lending sides of the financial industry, I bring a powerful toolkit of knowledge, solutions, innovative strategies, connections and expert advice to companies and individuals seeking to invest in or obtain private capital.


Email : Darryl@bandoro.ca

Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/privatecapitalspecialist