Belen Loreto Grand


Topic & Description

True Wealth and Legacy Building

My  core  message is to empower and inspire  Filipino RNs who are trying to straddle a life   in the host country and at the same time, balancing their finances to  help families back home. I understand their challenges, the dreams and the family- money drama that happens quite often and has caused so much anxiety, unhappiness and dis-ease among many  Filipino immigrants.

I believe that when one has confidence, inner charisma and an emotionally balanced self that radiates from within, one can liberate herself to  the following:

a.Create positive changes within  oneself, family and the community.

b. Embrace and maximize her/his strengths, live authentically and be more productive.

c. Learn & acknowledge  her/his weaknesses, NOT follow the “herd” mentality & live unapologetically.

d. You’ll  manage life’s dramas with ease, live   much happier & actually manifest wealth and prosperity in one’s life as well as abundance in different aspects of her being.

Coaching and speaking provide me the opportunity to understand and share the dynamics and mental blocks that are preventing many nurses (and OFWs) from actualizing their full potential and becoming   the best version of themselves.

My speaking style is about empathic connection, engagement and inspiring my audience to take the necessary actions so they too can make the contributions they were born to make in this world. Many are held back by cultural taboos, old patterns and beliefs. I empower them to unlock the keys so they can make  the changes in their thoughts and in their lives. I have consistently given clients the tools and strategies and I’m on a mission to empower more so they can achieve true wealth and inspire their families to prosperity instead of being stuck in the scarcity mentality.


Belen Loreto Grand is  an international best- selling author and life  coach to extraordinary Filipino families. Her clients call her The Millionaire Maker because she helps families  live like millionaires without all the money drama that so many families suffer from. While Belen honors family traditions, she  uses ancient as well as modern strategies to build wealth and live happily while supporting the family back home.

After  becoming prosperous, like a millionaire, Belen encountered   transformative events, was outcast by her Filipino family and lost more than half of her wealth  before she hit rock bottom. Now, as she rebuilds true wealth, her zone of genius is to empower individuals to  change energetically so they can   achieve  their dreams,  leave a legacy and   support other families to a well-balanced, happy  millionaire lifestyle without disconnecting from their  own family.



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